LoonaC got his name

from a definition for Lunacy he saw stating “Insanity followed by brief moments of clarity.”, and according to LoonaC “Thus is my life”. Originally from a small town in West Texas, he got his start at 15 years old sampling beats, writing original material, and performing for talent shows. Fast forward to 2004, and LoonaC has the idea of recording a full length studio album. Taking matters into his own hands he produces and records 12 original tracks for the 2006 release of “Justification For Inebriation”. This album was a collection of songs truely defining one’s justifications for wanting to be inebriated. From relationship issues to job related problems and being broke, and even personal family issues, this album has it all. This spawned off the first ever true LoonaC shows. Knowing this was only a start he began working on his second solo album right away.

In January of 2009

LoonaC performed at Hi-Ro Music Fest with other acts such as De La Soul, and The Dirty Wormz. Then in May 2009 LoonaC opened the show for Three 6 Mafia and Gorilla Zoe at the Austin Music Hall. He finished up his second solo studio album “Destitution Revolution” in August 2009, and released digitally in September 2009. This album features many other local talented artists from Austin, TX. With “Destitution Revolution” LoonaC has begun his own personal revolution against mundane music and not being able to do this for a living. This album features a diverse variety of songs from multiple genres all brought together by the clever song writing and delivery of LoonaC. He is now performing shows in and around Austin, TX, and planning more shows to come featuring true Hip-Hop music and bringing it with an alternative edge.